QNINE PCIe GPU Riser Adapter Card (8 Pack), PCI Express 1X to 16X Extender, Mining Graphics Card USB 3.0 Extension & 6pin MOLEX to SATA Power Cable for Ethereum Bitcoin Litecoin Ubit Device

$69.99 (as of March 19, 2019, 4:16 pm) $59.99

With 3x FP Solid Capacitors, Making Graphics Power Supply, more Stable and Secure.
With SATA 15pin Male to 6pin power cable,more powerful,and reduce the burden of the motherboard.
Gold plated contacts for better connectivity and long life .

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PCI-E 1x to 16x Mining Gadget Greater Extender Riser Adapter with USB 3.0 & SATA Energy Cable
Main Features
1.Adopting 3 desktops of Forged FP Capacitors, Images card has extra Strong & Safe Energy supply
2.The usage of massive 6PIN in interface adapter to beef up Energy Provide, and free up motherboard from Images Card Energy Provide. So, while attached with more than one Images Card, it’ll cut back the burdens of motherboard.
3.The usage of on motherboards that have more than one playing cards being run concurrently.
4.Making the mining machines loose from each and every different.
5.Running nice for Bitcoin , Litecoin , Dogecoin, and different cryptocurrency mining , operating more than one video /GUPS playing cards for higher clearance and cooling .

1. PCI-e 1X to 16X riser card extender cable
2. Hight high quality Flex Ribbon Riser Card
3. Suitable with 1x,4x,8x,16x card
4. With Forged capacitors, making Images Energy Provide extra Strong and Safe.
5. USB 3.0 cable, 30cm lengthy sufficient for the mining Gadget,extra comfort, harder,extra freedom.
6. With SATA 15pin Male to Molex 6pin Energy cable, extra robust, and cut back the weight of the motherboard.
7. Decrease temperature, more practical, extra Strong.
8. Provide further Energy suppy for PCI-e video card.
9. 2 layer PCB board layout.
10. PCI Specific Specification model 1.0 compliant.

Package Contents
8x PCI-E 16X adapter
8x PCI-E 1X riser board
8x USB3.0 cable
8x SATA 15Pin-6Pin Energy cable
With 3x FP Forged Capacitors, Making Images Energy Provide, extra Strong and Safe.
With SATA 15pin Male to 6pin Energy cable,extra robust,and cut back the weight of the motherboard.
Gold plated contacts for higher connectivity and lengthy lifestyles .
Suitable with 1x,4x,8x,16x PCI-E slot of the motherboard.
Devoted for ETH and different GPU Mining Cash











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