Red Tame Dragon —EXCO Mousepad with Soft Comfort Silica Gel Wrist Support, Non-Slip PU Base, Smooth Surface Gaming Wrist Support Mouse Pad-Fit for Computers and Laptops

$12.99 (as of February 22, 2019, 8:16 am) $9.99

1.Accurate Positioning. Tight surface cloth ensures the mouse move smoothly, no stuck, no shift, all in control.
2.Keeps Pad in Place. Polyurethane non-slip base grips the desktop tightly. What is more, this base prevent abrasion and deformation.
3.Reduce Wrist Pain with Soft Silica Gel filling. Soft silicone gel gives your wrist support and comforts, let you to say goodbye to hand stinging, wrist pain, wrist stiff and palm pain.

Usually ships in 24 hours


Ergonomic Design
Built-in environmental coverage subject matter and complicated generation.
Combined with ergonomic design, Cut back fatigue and save you the mouse hand.
Is your only option of long term use of laptop staff and game gamers.

 1. Cut back Wrist Ache with Silica gel pillow: The Cushy construction is acceptable for the herbal curvature of your wrist, offering fortify and luxury at the same time as you’re employed for a greater productivity enjoy.
 2. Anti-slip rubber base: The bottom is fabricated from herbal processed Polyurethane, which supplies flexibility to evolve to desktops of various surface fabrics, anti-slip, fine quality and lengthy-existence design.

3. Simple to scrub: The black Cushy surface makes it Simple to wipe blank whilst it inevitably gets grimy from lengthy hours operating at your laptop. And it may be wiped clean with a moist material.

 4.Can be utilized as a present : Share a present with center to pals or lover or oldsters to liberate their power of hand wrist and elbow. Just right-having a look and sensible.

There will likely be just a little smell as a result of subject matter chosen are herbal rubber, it’ll be fine after use it for a while.

1.Correct Positioning. Tight surface material ensures the mouse move smoothly, no stuck, no shift, all in keep an eye on.
2.Helps to keep Pad in Place. Polyurethane non-slip base grips the desktop tightly. What’s more, this base save you abrasion and deformation.
3.Cut back Wrist Ache with Cushy Silica Gel filling. Cushy silicone gel provides your wrist fortify and comforts, assist you to to mention good-bye at hand stinging, wrist Ache, wrist stiff and palm Ache.
4.Appropriate for the general public : Love her/him? Simply provide her/him a wrist fortify pad! And specific your heat and kindness by way of this silicone mouse pad.
5.Proof against dust. The black colour is more Proof against dust, and do not worried will leave a stain whilst you eat at the desktop. What’s more, it may be wiped with a moist material.














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